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The Forgotten Sister (2)

The Woman Legend Forgot…

The Romans have retreated from Britain, and left only chaos in their wake. One man is prophesied to put an end to the warring kingdoms, the invading Saxons and the injustice wreaked on the common peoples. He is Arthur Pendragon.

On the eve of her arranged marriage, the Princess Elaine promises the dying Uther Pendragon and her treacherous mother Igraine that she will support the ascension of her half-brother Arthur to the throne.

Determined to support her brother and his vision for a glorious Britain, Elaine is soon swept up in the intrigues of Camelot and caught firmly between her warring siblings – the High King Arthur, the vengeful Morgan LeFay and the devious, lustful Morgause.

She is a queen, a warrior and a witch. Yet none of these things may save her brother from those who plot against him, or the poison at the very heart of his kingdom. He became myth, but she was forgotten. This is her tale.

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Review – Heartless by Marissa Meyer

Heartless is the story of how Catherine, the daughter of the Marquess of Rock Turtle Cove became the Queen of Hearts, the pantomime villain from Alice in Wonderland. The problem with retellings is the fact that we often know how the story will end, so the journey must be an enjoyable one to get us to our destination. Meyer pulls it off perfectly in Heartless – it’s got a tough protagonist, a forbidden romance and all the weirdness of Wonderland to get us to our heartbreaking and strangely satisfying ending.

Owlcrate December 2016 Unboxing

Unboxing December’s Owlcrate with the theme of Epic.

The Wonder – Review

What starts as a charming mystery quickly becomes Gothic, then rapidly devolves into a harrowing story of the darkest aspects of Irish life, both then and now.

Three Dark Crowns – Review

The best book I’ve read in a long time. I was gripped immediately from the start and had to see the story through to the end. Let’s start with the actual physical book – the cover was beautiful, with each of the three crowns detailing the three queens to perfection, and the rough edges created the impression that book had washed up from the island of Fennbirn, ready to spill its dark secrets to me.

Owlcrate Sept 2016 Unboxing
The Abduction

John had considered the possibility of life on other planets, but had agreed that it was highly unlikely. Until they…